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AS: T=transcom - D=domainlore - F=flip - S=sedo - A=afternic

      DOMAIN NAME      CAT ID         DESCRIPTION         AS      STATUS BID 
      13i.co.uk   tds-24A17497       Hi Tech Hosting        stock  
      77s.co.uk   tds-24A17328       Gambling site       D stock  
      80808.co.uk   tds-24A17329       Catchy nmber        stock  
      allergytestcenter.co.uk   tds-24A17332       Allergy Testing        stock  
      allergytestcentre.co.uk   tds-24A17499       Allegy Testing        stock  
      allergytestcentre.com   tds-24A17518       Allegy Testing Global       A stock  
      askbill.co.uk   tds-24A17333       Could be Bill anyone        stock  
      bacardicafe.com   tds-24A17165       Transcom Ent Kft Asset       A stock  
      backpod.co.uk   tds-24A17501       Traveller Casting        stock  
      bemail.co.uk   tds-24A17152       Email services        stock  
      bemail.uk   tds-24A17153       Paired - Email Services        stock  
      blacked.co.uk   tds-24A17159       Adult domain        stock  
      bullytown.com   tds-24A17519       Bully Councils       A stock  
      bullyworld.com   tds-24A17520       Global Dictatorship       A stock  
      cc5d.com   tds-24A17162       21 years old       A stock  
      cocobar.co.uk   tds-24A17335       Great Bar name       D stock  
      cocobar.uk   tds-24A17160       Bar or cafe name        stock  
      dubaihookers.com   tds-24A17521       Oh the Dubail Nightlife       A stock  
      easychairs.co.uk   tds-24A17198       Easy Chairs        stock  
      europeanpublishing.com   tds-24A17522       Publishing Entity       A stock  
      europeshotels.co.uk   tds-24A17338       Holiday agents       D stock  
      extremefinance.co.uk   tds-24A17339       Venture Capital       D stock  
      extremefinance.com   tds-24A17523       Big Finance        stock  
      fastapn.com   tds-24A17524       High Speed Access       A stock  
      firerescue.co.uk   tds-24A17341       For the fire services       D stock  
      firerescue.uk   tds-24A17507       Fire Rescue        stock  
      firmingcreams.co.uk   tds-24A17342       Cosmetic Skin care       D stock  
      flytlink.co.uk   tds-24A17155       In flight services        stock  
      flytlink.com   tds-24A17156       In flight services - valuable       A stock  
      flytlink.uk   tds-24A17154       Part of a group, in flight        stock  
      freevoip.co.uk   tds-24A17139       For a free voip service - active        stock  
      freevoip.uk   tds-24A17140       Free voip service - pair        stock  
      globalsims.co.uk   tds-24A17148       Global simcard business        stock  
      gogoair.uk   tds-24A17344       Airline or service        stock  
      goodhealthshop.uk   tds-24A17345       Health shop with content        stock  
      gyula.org   tds-24A17166       Transcom Ent Kft        stock  
      gyulaproperty.com   tds-24A17525       Spa Property        stock  
      henleytimes.co.uk   tds-24A17346       Newspaper or journalist        stock  
      i4i,co,uk   tds-24A17174       Eye for an Eye - makeup ?        stock  
      intelsat.uk   tds-24A17150       Satellite services        stock  
      ivoryadvice.com   tds-24A17526       Corporate Advice       A stock  
      jeteurope.co.uk   tds-24A17143       Jet charter business or airline        stock  
      jeteurope.uk   tds-24A17349       Aviation brokers        stock  
      kacast.com   tds-24A17527       Satcom KA Casting       A stock  
      kickpoint.net   tds-24A17528       Central Point       A stock  
      killspams.com   tds-24A17529       Anti Spam Gateway       A stock  
      klueber.co.uk   tds-24A17132       no idea        stock  
      kutyam.com   tds-24A17530       Hungarian for Dogs        stock  
      livedates.co.uk   tds-24A17130       Newly caught, dating site        stock  
      lovetolove.co.uk   tds-24A17350       Great Dating site        stock  
      m3.org.uk   tds-24A17351       BMW M3 group       D stock  
      magichost.co.uk   tds-24A17352       Hosting company       D stock  
      mailcentral.co.uk   tds-24A17175       Global Email Server        stock  
      mentalmastery.co.uk   tds-24A17353       Mystic and Magiscians        stock  
      mistart.com   tds-24A17531       Big Startup        stock  
      musicmonster.co.uk   tds-24A17354       Music Industry and sales       D stock  
      onbored.co.uk   tds-24A17355       In flight entertainment        stock  
      onbored.com   tds-24A17532       Airline IFE       A stock  
      pashn.co.uk   tds-24A17356       Passion ?        stock  
      peplink.uk   tds-24A17145       Satellite accelleration        stock  
      pepx.co.uk   tds-24A17357       Pharmacy, drugs        stock  
      pepx.net   tds-24A17533       Short and Sweet       A stock  
      perfumebuyer.com   tds-24A17534       Big name in Perfume       A stock  
      personalisedoccasions.co.uk   tds-24A17358       Gift Cards, events       D stock  
      plastimo.co.uk   tds-24A17359       Marine Equipmnet        stock  
      poshgirls.co.uk   tds-24A17360       Clothing, website included       D stock  
      rg8.co.uk   tds-24A17363       Reading Post Code       D stock  
      satcube.co.uk   tds-24A17137       Satellite services        stock  
      satlink.uk   tds-24A17144       Satellite communications        stock  
      servair.co.uk   tds-24A17365       A new airline maybe ?        stock  
      skywan.co.uk   tds-24A17182       Satellite Networks        stock  
      stamphunters.co.uk   tds-24A17367       Philatelists        stock  
      stamphunters.com   tds-24A17536       Collectors Paradise       A stock  
      swiftjet.co.uk   tds-24A17183       Startup Airline        stock  
      teamfutures.co.uk   tds-24A17368       Team Building, planning        stock  
      ticketshops.co.uk   tds-24A17369       Ticket Agency       D stock  
      tkom.co.uk   tds-24A17146       Telecoms company        stock  
      tkom.uk   tds-24A17147       Telecoms company - pair        stock  
      transcom.biz   tds-24A17537       One of our own       A stock  
      transcom.co.uk   tds-24A17371       One of ours, valuable        stock  
      transcom.net   tds-24A17161       com sold for GBP 40K in 2006       A stock  
      transcom.uk   tds-24A17372       Part of our group, up for grabs        stock  
      transsat.com   tds-24A17538       Satcom Company       A stock  
      vadazzle.co.uk   tds-24A17373       Shine up down below..        stock  
      webtester.co.uk   tds-24A17374       Website testing        stock  
      wg8.co.uk   tds-24A17375       Windows gateway        stock  
      woodcote.net   tds-24A17539       Our old village        stock  

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