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  no listing fees - pay on catch

This system allows you to seemlessly dropcatch any domains registered with the UK registrar, Nominet, with no upfront submission fees or limitations, you simply pay just £10 + vat (Fast) £25 + vat (Multi) or £50 + vat (single), but only if the catch is successfull.

With a simple 2 line registration, you can start submitting your domains and monitor them, status updates are live, if one of your domains have been caught, a FastPay link will appear next to the result. You don't have to be a Nominet TAG holder to use this service

Caught domains by the company will appear in the Just Caught list and on our domain auction site, where you can also enter your caught domains for sale if required, without listing fees.

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When registered, you can add, manage and monitor any number of domain names.

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DropCatch Software - Buy or Lease
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Add any number of domains to the system for any drop date, including today, pay only when caught

Multi Resources

We have rolling list registration resources for upto 10000 submitted domain names at once

Single Resources

For those premium hard to catch domains, we can allocate a dedicated server resource, you choose.

Multi Catch
£ 25  / one time
  • Fast Transfer
  • Free DNS Allocation
  • Hosting Options

Single Catch
£ 50  / one time
  • Fast Transfer
  • Free DNS Allocation
  • Hosting Options

*excludes VAT @ 20%   *other payment options

Options for your caught domain(s)

Congratulations, now that we have caught a domain and you have paid the catch fee, we have several options available as detailed. If you choose the FastPage hosted option it includes a holding page and catch all email with webmail, imap and smtp, or can be forwarded to an existing address. If you leave the domain on our TAG, renewal will be at our current rates.

  • Get the domain transferred to another Nominet TAG
  • Leave on our TAG and change the DNS settings
  • We can host the domain with email for £16 + vat per year
  • Choose from our many Professional Hosting Services

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