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AS: T=transcom - D=domainlore - F=flip - S=sedo - A=afternic

      DOMAIN NAME      CAT ID         DESCRIPTION         AS      STATUS BID Offer 
      bookingnow.co.uk   tds-24A17636   CAUGHT    caught  
      urticaria.co.uk   tds-24A17635   CAUGHT    caught  
      massnearme.co.uk   tds-24A17634   CAUGHT    caught  
      doglady.co.uk   tds-24A17633   CAUGHT    caught  
      testcar.co.uk   tds-24A17632   CAUGHT    caught  
      albanians.co.uk   tds-24A17631   CAUGHT    caught  
      sofaclinic.co.uk   tds-24A17630   CAUGHT    caught  
      winebrand.co.uk   tds-24A17629   CAUGHT    caught  
      gotovisit.co.uk   tds-24A17628   CAUGHT    caught  
      theveganstore.co.uk   tds-24A17627   CAUGHT    caught  
      baptised.co.uk   tds-24A17626   CAUGHT    caught  
      pissing.co.uk   tds-24A17625   Could be heavy rain.. D   caught  
      princeandrew.co.uk   tds-24A17624   Part of the Royal Family F   caught  
      scoup.co.uk   tds-24A17623   Run, jump or scamper D   caught  
      bestvibrators.co.uk   tds-24A17622   Speaks for itself.. T   sold  
      feminists.co.uk   tds-24A17621   Girl power, all things women D   sold  
      canarys.co.uk   tds-24A17620   Forever and ever singing D   caught  
      cabinetmaking.co.uk   tds-24A17619   Woodwok at its best    caught  
      ancientrome.co.uk   tds-24A17618   Caesars Patch D+F   caught  
      pooping.co.uk   tds-24A17617   All messed up..    caught  
      agilityclasses.co.uk   tds-24A17616   Dog Training T   sold  
      jerking.co.uk   tds-24A17615   Chicken of course..    caught  
      bongshop.co.uk   tds-24A17614   Hey man...  T+F+D   sold  
      emmental.co.uk   tds-24A17609   Swiss Holy Cheese D   caught  
      candlesupplies.co.uk   tds-24A17608   caught / released T   sold  
      intestine.co.uk   tds-24A17607   Medical Journal or paper D+F   caught  
      railfare.co.uk   tds-24A17606   caught / released D   sold  
      homicide.co.uk   tds-24A17605   Murder, american style.. D+F   caught  
      postmortem.co.uk   tds-24A17604   Crime scene aftermath F   sold  
      khartoum.co.uk   tds-24A17591   Downtown Sudan    caught  
      cliffrichard.co.uk   tds-24A17590   The one and only F   sold  
      londonexcel.co.uk   tds-24A17589   London exhibition centre D   caught  
      cottagecheese.co.uk   tds-24A17588   Cottage Cheese D   sold  
      redcurrants.co.uk   tds-24A17587   Berries for slimming    caught  
      gaycouples.co.uk   tds-24A17586   Holidays or outings D+F   caught  
      lesbiancouples.co.uk   tds-24A17585   Things to do    caught  
      abuser.co.uk   tds-24A17583   Generic helpline D   caught  
      brey.co.uk   tds-24A17581   A nice place in Berkshire    sold  
      slavic.co.uk   tds-24A17580   Eastern European culture    caught  
      rugmaking.co.uk   tds-24A17579   Carpet Manufacturer    caught  
      cornstarch.co.uk   tds-24A17578   Starch of in the UK, cornflour    caught  
      militants.co.uk   tds-24A17577   Political opinions D   caught  
      werewolves.co.uk   tds-24A17576   Horror movie or halloween    sold  
      stonecutting.co.uk   tds-24A17575   Masonry    caught  
      connecters.co.uk   tds-24A17574   Connecters for all purposes D   caught  
      cigarillos.co.uk   tds-24A17573   Small cigars    caught  
      narcissistic.co.uk   tds-24A17572   Reporting and assistance    caught  
      exterminated.co.uk   tds-24A17571   SOLD T   sold  
      assaults.co.uk   tds-24A17569   Fights, criminal activity    caught  
      antiperspirants.uk   tds-24A17568   Sweet smells for hot summers    caught  
      fester.co.uk   tds-24A17565   Uncle or mouldy ? T   sold  
      crematoriums.co.uk   tds-24A17564   SOLD D   sold  
      fack.co.uk   tds-24A17563   Remember Father Ted D   sold  
      demonstrators.co.uk   tds-24A17562   CAUGHT    caught  
      animalfarms.co.uk   tds-24A17560   Small Holdings    caught  
      fastrecovery.co.uk   tds-24A17554   SOLD T   sold  
      orientalmassage.co.uk   tds-24A17548   SOLD T   sold  
      sexily.co.uk   tds-24A17540   SOLD T   sold  
      sigma.email   tds-24A17535   Complete HSE Email System T   sold  
      rapter.co.uk   tds-24A17517   Prehistoric D   caught  
      pablocoffee.co.uk   tds-24A17516   Deadly Coffee    caught  
      ownagroup.co.uk   tds-24A17515   Consortium    caught  
      navalis.co.uk   tds-24A17514   Nautical    caught  
      luxfloors.co.uk   tds-24A17513   SOLD T   sold  
      homeherbalist.co.uk   tds-24A17512   Witch Docter    caught  
      hillsideguesthouse.co.uk   tds-24A17511   SEO Bed and Breakfast D   caught  
      glasgowfuneraldirectors.uk   tds-24A17510   People dying for this name    caught  
      gatewayclubevents.co.uk   tds-24A17509   Dance Promotors    caught  
      ft30.co.uk   tds-24A17508   CAUGHT    caught  
      fbirm.co.uk   tds-24A17506   Solictitors    sold  
      checkflight.co.uk   tds-24A17502   Flight Arrivals D   caught  
      artyshakes.co.uk   tds-24A17500   Art Gallery    caught  
      aeronews.co.uk   tds-24A17498   Aviation Journlism F   caught  
      kavas.co.uk   tds-24A17496   Hungarian Coffee    caught  
      jokesbypost.co.uk   tds-24A17495   SOLD T   sold  
      gyula.uk   tds-24A17494   Hungarian Spa Town    caught  
      violinists.co.uk   tds-24A17493   Orchestral Instruments    caught  
      freecarpark.co.uk   tds-24A17466   We all look for these F   caught  
      sweetinfusions.co.uk   tds-24A17456   SOLD T   sold  
      germanshepherds.co.uk   tds-24A17454   Alsation Dogs D   sold  
      fugly.co.uk   tds-24A17445   SOLD T   sold  
      britishpotatoes.co.uk   tds-24A17439   Spuds from England T   sold  
      blme.co.uk   tds-24A17438   SOLD T   sold  
      domesticservices.co.uk   tds-24A17437   SOLD T   sold  
      virtualyoga.co.uk   tds-24A17435   Online Yoga    caught  
      discriminating.co.uk   tds-24A17434   Discrimination D   caught  
      deluca.uk   tds-24A17433   SOLD T   sold  
      tumours.co.uk   tds-24A17432   Medical Dictionary D+F   caught  
      casinogambling.uk   tds-24A17431   Gambling    caught  
      holyisland.uk   tds-24A17430   SOLD T   sold  
      tukido.co.uk   tds-24A17429   SOLD T   sold  
      walletconnectdapp.uk   tds-24A17428   Wallet App    caught  
      maxmedia.co.uk   tds-24A17426   SOLD T   sold  
      solihullsparks.co.uk   tds-24A17425   Girls Football Team    caught  
      wifinetwork.co.uk   tds-24A17424   Wifi Networks D+F   caught  
      soft9.co.uk   tds-24A17422   Software Company    caught  
      sharkaddicts.co.uk   tds-24A17416   Jaques Cousteau    caught  
      caribbeanrestaurant.co.uk   tds-24A17409   Tropical Restaurant D   caught  
      rarenames.co.uk   tds-24A17405   Rare Domain Names D+F   caught  
      brookstorage.co.uk   tds-24A17404   Storage Company    caught  
      lovetraffic.co.uk   tds-24A17394   Transport or Network traffic    caught  
      communists.co.uk   tds-24A17387   SOLD D   sold  
      transcom.com   tds-24A17386   SOLD T   sold  
      britishboardingschools.co.uk   tds-24A17382   Boarding Schools    caught  
      silverlabrador.co.uk   tds-24A17381   SOLD D   sold  
      talcs.co.uk   tds-24A17378   Talcom Powders    caught  
      windowsuppliers.co.uk   tds-24A17376   Glaziers, window shops F   caught  
      toysale.co.uk   tds-24A17370   Toy shops, for xmas ? D   caught  
      spaghetti.org.uk   tds-24A17366   Restaurants, suppliers    caught  
      salsafestival.co.uk   tds-24A17364   Get into the rythym D+F   caught  
      privatecarehome.co.uk   tds-24A17362   Old age care homes D   caught  
      prattle.co.uk   tds-24A17361   Chat site, talk alot D   sold  
      isotonics.co.uk   tds-24A17348   Energy Drinks D   sold  
      huns.uk   tds-24A17347   Atilla is still looking for this F   caught  
      glasscleaners.co.uk   tds-24A17343   Window cleaners or chemicals    caught  
      farmsteads.co.uk   tds-24A17340   Small Holding D   caught  
      docter.co.uk   tds-24A17337   Dictionary name F   caught  
      countrys.co.uk   tds-24A17336   Dictionary name F   caught  
      caravanbreaks.co.uk   tds-24A17334   For Caravan Parks D   sold  
      airmont.co.uk   tds-24A17331   Aviation name    caught  
      affidavit.co.uk   tds-24A17330   Legal profession D   caught  
      exteriorlighting.co.uk   tds-24A17235   SOLD T   sold  
      cheeseplant.co.uk   tds-24A17233   Garden Centers and Shops D   caught  
      customercarenumber.co.uk   tds-24A17228   Customer Hotline    caught  
      engineeringcareers.co.uk   tds-24A17215   Job Boards D   caught  
      cyclerides.co.uk   tds-24A17207   Healthy habit    caught  
      londoncourierservice.co.uk   tds-24A17205   London Couriers D   sold  
      fineartsale.co.uk   tds-24A17202   Fine Art Sales    caught  
      holidayibiza.co.uk   tds-24A17200   Ibiza Holidays D   caught  
      usembassy.co.uk   tds-24A17199   US Embassey D   caught  
      petstyling.co.uk   tds-24A17197   Pet Grooming    caught  
      uxs.uk   tds-24A17196   Valuable three character F   sold  
      qsy.uk   tds-24A17195   Valuable three character F   caught  
      follys.co.uk   tds-24A17194   CAUGHT    caught  
      secureaccounts.co.uk   tds-24A17193   Secure systems    caught  
      emarketeer.co.uk   tds-24A17192   Electronic Marketing    caught  
      surveysites.co.uk   tds-24A17191   Money for those surveys    caught  
      fastpainrelief.co.uk   tds-24A17189   Painkillers D   caught  
      histamine.uk   tds-24A17187   Allergic Reactions F   sold  
      eotm.co.uk   tds-24A17186   End of the Month    caught  
      daac.co.uk   tds-24A17185   Nasa Liabrary    caught  
      jetcleaner.co.uk   tds-24A17181   Steam or aircraft cleaner    caught  
      instantloansnow.co.uk   tds-24A17179   Fast Payday Loans    caught  
      farmsteads.uk   tds-24A17178   Small Holdings    caught  
      toysale.uk   tds-24A17177   Toy Sales    caught  
      newflat.uk   tds-24A17176   SOLD D   sold  
      londoncharities.co.uk   tds-24A17173   Charities in London D   caught  
      foodtasting.co.uk   tds-24A17172   Food Tasting Events    caught  
      companyparty.co.uk   tds-24A17169   Company Christmas Partys    caught  
      sexcast.co.uk   tds-24A17168   Sex Streaming Services    caught  
      xjob.co.uk   tds-24A17167   Job Site    caught  
      bgan.co.uk   tds-24A17158   Satcom service    caught  
      petdogs.co.uk   tds-24A17157   Great petshop name or website D+F   caught  
      smartsky.uk   tds-24A17149   In flight internet services    caught  
      hisky.uk   tds-24A17142   In flight internet services    caught  
      tosser.co.uk   tds-24A17141   Plenty of these around ! D   caught  
      flatlined.co.uk   tds-24A17138   Was intended for an obituary site    caught  
      nexat.co.uk   tds-24A17136   In flight internet service    caught  
      orgs.co.uk   tds-24A17135   Organise the organisers    caught  
      morons.uk   tds-24A17134   CAUGHT D   caught  
      noveltytoys.co.uk   tds-24A17131   Online business name D   caught  
      danceshoes.co.uk   tds-24A17129   Hobby product D   sold  
      willys.uk   tds-24A17128   Could be adult, could be fun.. D   caught  
      xcg.uk   tds-24A17127   SOLD D   sold  

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