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Transcom has spent many years developing the perfect and commercially available ‘Domain Drop Catching Software’, designed to automatically catch valuable names from Nominet, using the post 13th Sept 23 EPP process, that utilises droplists.

The SDS version of our dropcatch software is for catching single domains, the configuration file has been pre configured for Nominet, you just need a membership and TAG, with an EPP account to get up and running.
Just £215.00 + vat (one time) Visit Store or fast buy with PayPal below

Download the Shell and Web versions here

This software enables you to catch domain names that drop after expiry automatically, utilising the Nominet EPP server to do automated lookups, and to register on drop. Multiple shells can be opened on one IPS tag, licence add ons are available for additional tags. The config is pre defined for Nominet (.uk domains)

Hyper fast with realtime microsecond accuracy for Linux that runs directly in any Linux Shell.
Latency is automatically calculated, as well as other proprietory algorithms developed over many years.