Fast Auction Rules

Some domains are listed for our fast auction, it will show a countdown timer and the starting bid is always £10 which does not include UK VAT @ 20% or the transfer fee, which is the responsibility of the buyer.

You have an option of submitting your own domains for the fast auction via the form on the right, it will be entered when we match the who is lookup information with your details, there is no charge for running an auction, however, on a sale, we take just 10% flat rate commission (before VAT) .

On a sale on non company owned domains, we act as the intermediary, the seller transfers to our IPS tag TRANSCOMISP (Nominet) or others to Enom account TRANSCOM, on receipt of the cleared funds and the domain, we transfer to the new buyer.

All bids are final and contractual, ie, if you bid and win, your are legally bound to buy the domain, we do have an international team in all countries that can enforce this rule so best not to chance it.

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